The Vision Session

The Vision Session is a live creative workshop training that gives you the creative tools and strategies to align your purpose with your vision and begin taking action on your vision. Join us for one of our upcoming live virtual or in-person Vision Session workshops where we nurture vision and purpose through creativity. Through tried and proven creative processes, visioning techniques, and expertise, we guide you step by step through our unique process of seeing and embodying your vision for social impact and the greater good. 

Vision is the foundation of purpose. Living without vision is not an option for those of us who want to live a life of impact and intention. If you’re ready to lead with purpose and take action on your vision with joy and clarity, sign up to join our next workshop! 



Hi I’m Yarminiah,  creative director, photographer and  founder of Purposerosa.

For the past 12 years, I've been hired to bring vision to life for the world's leading  brands like Buick, the CDC, Facebook, Ulta Beauty, Proctor and Gamble and more and guess what - it all comes down to process and execution! I left my career in advertising in 2021 to focus on sustainability and purpose-driven work for communities of color. 

The Vision Session is my way of sharing what I've learned about bringing vision to life with women of color who are eager to connect to and lead with their purpose. Having a vision that's larger than life can feel overwhelming so I use my experience to help you map vision and create a routine that refines your creative intuition and clarifies where you're headed and why. The unique visioning approach that I teach in the Vision Session shows you how to gain creative confidence and take action to live in your vision and purpose daily. You ready to start owning your purpose?

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If you're craving a community of women of color to dream with and build new futures with, this is it! Don't hesitate to join the waitlist, you'll be the first to know when our next Vision Session launches. Your vision is waiting.