Hi! We're Purposerosa

We're a community and sustainable lifestyle brand  helping Black and Brown women own their vision and purpose. We believe women owning their self worth and innate sense of purpose will radically change the world for the better. 

PURPOSE: Founded by an Afrolatina artist, we help make purpose less intimidating by intentionally honoring purpose and beauty in the ordinary. Through our signature handmade jewelry made with repurposed mirror, we inspire women to see themselves and the world around them with more reverence. 

CLIMATE: We donate 10% of each jewelry purchase to fund climate change solutions for communities of color. 

VISION: Through our original Vision Session workshops, we teach you how to connect your purpose to your vision and make social impact. 



Modern society tells us that purpose is found outside of us. It’s an elusive something that needs to be “found” in a grand way through extensive searching.

At Purposerosa, we’re shifting the narrative about purpose. We’re making purpose less intimidating and more intrinsic by honoring purpose and beauty in ordinary people and things.


We began making jewelry with repurposed materials to make sustainability accessible and show how purpose and beauty exists in the ordinary and often overlooked places. We’ve since grown into a conscious community of women of color celebrating their purpose.

We're not just telling you purpose is within, we're also providing the tools, communal space and inspiration for you to begin exploring and living your purpose daily. 
We invite you to join us on this amazing journey!!!


We're building a world where women of color feel more powerfully connected to their environment, vision and purpose 


Our Values:

1. We see beauty in the ordinary.

The ordinary is often overlooked because we're too busy searching for greatness outside of our lives, but we see beauty and purpose in ordinary people and the everyday things around us. It's simple as that!

2. We live through the lens of interconnectedness.

We aim to bring more mindfulness to how ordinary women view their relationship to the world. We believe we are part of our environment, so we only use repurposed materials in our products and we center sustainable practices in our business. As a community we are aware of how our actions effect the collective consciousness.

3. We move with intention.

From the curation of our events, our material sourcing, to the details of our packaging, everything we offer is well considered for a truly special experience. We aren't superficial, and we put deep thought into every part of our brand experience.

4. We embrace fun and joy.

We encourage deep conversations and introspection, but we also approach it with levity. We want to make purpose approachable and welcoming for anyone, no matter where they are in their journey.

5. We lead with a global point of view.

As an Afrolatina woman owned business, we have a natural appreciation for cultural diversity. Maintaining a global point of view is not just part
of our DNA, we believe its how we build a more inclusive and just world. Our commitment to honoring global diversity shows up in all aspects of Purposerosa. 

6. We transform through inspired action.

We’re excited about how life can be transformed with a bit of imagination and inspired action. We never settle for the predictable and dull approach, instead we lean into the unknown and follow the divine flow
of creativity to discover where it leads us and how it shapes us. We’re original, bold, free and unique.

7. We are all innately creative.

We believe every single person is a created being and therefore creative. We're here to support and encourage you to see the powerful creator you are! Through our intentionally curated workshops and our handcrafted jewelry we provide the creative inspiration you need to tap into that vibrant co-creator energy within as you step into your purpose.