Hi! We're Purposerosa

We provide sustainable jewelry, creative workshops, communal space and inspiration for you to begin exploring and living your vision and purpose daily. 
We believe women owning their self-worth and innate sense of purpose will radically change the world for better. 

Since 2010 we've been building a world where women of color are powerfully connected to their environment, vision and purpose. We're not kidding when we say it all started with a mango ...


Modern society tells us that purpose is found outside of us. It’s an elusive something that needs to be “found” in a grand way through extensive searching.

At Purposerosa, we’re shifting the narrative about purpose. We’re making purpose less intimidating and more intrinsic by honoring purpose and beauty in ordinary people and things.

We began making jewelry with repurposed materials to make sustainability accessible and show how purpose and beauty exists in the ordinary and often overlooked places. We’ve since grown into a conscious community of women of color celebrating their purpose.


PURPOSE | We help make purpose less intimidating by intentionally honoring purpose and beauty in the ordinary. Through our signature handmade jewelry made with repurposed mirror, we inspire women to see themselves and the world around them with more reverence. 

CLIMATE | We donate 10% of each jewelry purchase to fund climate change solutions for communities of color. 

VISION | Through our original Vision Session workshops, we teach you how to connect your purpose to your vision and make social impact.