Our Materials

Our Materials

We design using ordinary materials that often go overlooked. 

We believe in affirming purpose and beauty in the ordinary. Our primary design material is repurposed mirror. We hand select each mirror and inspect it for durability before we use it.

Over the last ten years we've refined our design process and evolved our final product to meet the highest standards, but the amount of love and intention that goes into each piece remains the same.

We are intentionally creating an ecosystem where broken mirrors can continue being used instead of ending up in a landfill. 

Mirror cannot be recycled because unlike glass containers (like bottles, vases, jars, etc.), which can be recycled in most areas, the type of glass used to make mirrors, coupled with the reflective coating on the back, makes it impossible to recycle. In fact, even if the reflective coating could be removed, mirror glass still can’t be recycled. Recycling glass requires that it be crushed it into small pieces that then get melted down. Since mirror glass has a different melting point than other, more common types of glass, recycling centers can’t accommodate recycling mirror glass. 

Using repurposed mirrors is our way of creating more mindfulness and committing to sustainable practices in the fashion and retail industry.



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