You don't need to 'find' your purpose

You don't need to 'find' your purpose


Purpose not something you chase, or need to find. It's already in you. 

Vision is how you live your purpose intentionally. 

That's it, it's that simple. 

You are your purpose, and vision is how you see and live your purpose with impact. 

Peace comes from living in alignment with your purpose and vision. 

When you think of purpose, does it feel like a burdensome responsibility that's heavy to carry in your daily life (how am I supposed to fit purpose into my 9-5 when I'm already so tired, how am I supposed to find my personal sense of purpose outside of parenting, is my art even purposeful or impactful )?

Or if you're a first-generation kid like me, has purpose ever felt like a luxury you can't afford to indulge in (I must focus on security instead of purpose because I can't repeat my parent's struggles)?

You're not the only one. Purpose has often been mis-defined as either a nice-to-have or an act of sacrificial service. But as women, especially women of color alive in this wild era, these limited definitions of purpose don't serve us any longer. Instead, what if purpose were part of our vision and definition of joy?

For most of us, luxury lies in knowing we can afford to choose how we spend our time; taking photo-worthy vacations, enjoying decadent meals, experiencing premium care, living and working in ways that bring us fulfillment... all invitations to feel good about exactly who we are right now.

Except most of us are grasping for a sense of peace outside of vacation mode.  

What if radical imagination and rest became fuel for our purposeful living, not an escape from it? Here's the thing - when we give ourselves space to imagine and believe in our dreams and build vision that is of service, our purpose is magnified, not compromised.

When we live from a space of I am purposed, we allow enoughness to be our identity.

We accept that our abundance is undeniable because we are inherently made with exactly everything we need to thrive, serve and enjoy this God-given life.

If you want more guidance on how to live your purpose and vision now, sign up for the Vision Session waitlist, our community of purpose-driven women of color building their vision and impact. 


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