Make Your Dream Vision Board

Make Your Dream Vision Board

Vision boards are incredible tools for focusing your purpose and goals for your life, but they are exactly that: tools. The real work comes in taking action and believing in your vision. If you are looking for inspiration/motivation to complete your vision board, this blog post is for you! Check out our Mirror Your Vision Workbook book for a step by step guide on how to connect your purpose to your vision.

Read on to hear my top five tips for creating and using the vision board of your dreams to take action towards your purpose.


Step 1

Any and everything is material. Newspapers, magazines, old books, photographs, images of your present day self, store brochures, etc. If you don’t have materials readily available, try finding some in your neighborhood! To prepare for a Vision Session, I often pick up a bunch of second hand magazines from a local barber shop, nail salon or hotel. These places often have some magazines and newspapers they’d normally recycle that you can use to build your vision.

Step 2


Do not skip this step. Setting the tone for the space you are creating your vision board in is a crucial part of creating the optimal circumstances for your visions to come to life. It’s like setting the stage for a bath or a self care Sunday- you want to have time and space to just be in complete comfort and clarity of mind. Sage your space, gather your snacks, make your drank, get your playlist going and get ready to just vibe out as you vision board. Clear the table, sweep the floor, open up the surface area

Step 3

Here’s where stuff gets interesting. You know when you daydream in class and get lost in the idea? This is how you want to envision your goal. Get excited about what you are envisioning. Feel tingles. Dream Huge. Huge! HUGE. This is no time to play small. This is where the juices begin flowing. Let your imagination pull you in you. Imagine more than you thought possible. Hone focus on your dreams. They are speaking to you. Are you listening?

Step 4

This is the fun part. Gather your inspiration materials and begin looking for images and words that speak to your dream. When you find exactly what you are looking for, tear the page out, cut round it and put it aside in a pile. Don’t be rigid, cut and tear. Use found colors and patterns as background; fashion magazines are great for that. Surrender. Experiment. Allow. I recommend not drawing any images - just source photographs that already exist in real life. It affirms that your vision already exists in real life and is on its way to you. Let intuition guide you. God is in all. Take your time. When you think you are done with an inspiration, put it aside and come back to it later! There is always inspiration lying dormant in unexpected pages. This process is intuitive, slow, fun. Don’t rush it. Savour it all.


Step 5

Now it's time to create your vision board. Choose a piece of paper, notebook, or a board to begin pasting your inspiration to. Make sure it's a size that is convenient and offers ample space to articulate your vision. Don’t be in a rush to tape or paste everything down, the process is to find the right relationships on the page that feel best for you. 

Need help taking your vision from idea to reality? Join one of our upcoming workshops here. and join the Vision Session waitlist here. See you soon!

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