3 steps to reclaim your vision

3 steps to reclaim your vision

How do you stick to vision when the going get's tough? Repossess your joy - its life force will help you remember who you are and why you have this vision.

3 steps to reclaim your vision:

  • CREATE | If I’m struggling to live my creative vision, usually I’m blocking myself somehow. So I try creating with no pressure and feeling the wonder and curiosity of creating. 

  • MOVE | My immediate cure is to dance, usually with a salsa song. Getting out of my head and into my body by dancing alone or w/ friends. Moving our bodies is a primal way of reconnecting to our humanity, no one said it needs to look perfect. 

  • REVIEW Taking time out to review my journal or notes app to see where my head's been for the last couple of months usually shows a clear track record of what's been draining or filling me, and I start there. See the journal prompt at the end of this email for encouragement to get into your writing bag. 

These practices re-route me back to myself when the vision seems daunting. What helps you reclaim your light in this world? Let me know by commenting below!

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