A New Kind of Earth Day

A New Kind of Earth Day



Happy Earth Day! Today is an invitation to pause and reflect on our connection to culture, community, and nature. I'm invigorated by the joy-filled, intersectional approaches to sustainability that exist because people like you and I have decided to harness our personal power for good.

Each time you purchase our sustainable earrings or rings we donate 10% to an organization supporting climate justice for communities of color all around the world. What we can accomplish when we find ourselves in mindful communal care is amazing. We can't shape the future all on our own - we're in this together. 


When we read Parabale of the Sower in the Purposerosa bookclub a couple of summers ago I didn't expect to be changed, but I was shook. Her fictional dystopian world echoed the chaos of our current world's struggles with climate change. Butler, a renowned Black feminist author, was ahead of her time and keenly aware of how interconnected we were with one another and with nature before mainstream media became what it is today.

One of her most famous quotes from the book captures my personal theme of this Earth Day: All that you touch you change and all you change changes you. This excerpt encapsulates all I'm cultivating in our jewelry and community - a felt sense of interconnection, reflection and positive influence to people, planet and culture. 

Thanks for being on this journey with us!

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