These stud earrings are handmade with repurposed mirror shards collected in Bali, Indonesia. But don't be alarmed! Each mirror piece is wrapped in 100% silver, so there are absolutely no sharp edges. Each pair is one of a kind - once it sells, we cannot replicate it. 

We honor beauty and flaws in the ordinary, so each piece is photographed as is. Our designs are purposely imperfect. The speckled silver and aqua ombre in some mirror pieces is caused by antique mirror aging. We embrace all splint and chips that occur naturally in broken mirror.

We sand each and every mirror piece to eliminate sharp edges. The silver casing protects this piece from shattering when you drop it, but you still need to handle your Purposerosa with care for longevity. 

Made with 100% Silver
Handmade in Bali

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