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The Place:




The Rosa clan packed up and flew to Mexico for the wedding of two of our close friends. What a treat! Nothing like a change of place to put into perspective what truly matters most in life. For us, its family, friendship and encouraging one another to stay positive alive and inspired. We got all that and more in San Miguel De Allende, Mexico! The city is a stunning bundle of vibrant colors, its walls ranging from mustard yellow and deep brick red. We were thrilled when we caught sight of a little girl wearing a flower crown- but like, a real one!! Soon after, we came to find out that one specialty of San Miguel De Allende are it's flower crowns. Move over Snapchat, hello Frida Kahlo and authentic, handmade flower crowns!!! 

Color came from every which way, especially in the food. Think fresh cut mango with chili spice, think warm churros and mexican hot chocolate, think hand churned pink tuna (not fish- pear cacti in spanish, whew!) ice cream, think crisp beer, think jalapeños, limes and boisterous music. As far as #Purposerosaeats, we recommend going to Baja Fish Taco for some damn good fish tacos, if you are a beer drinker, Victoria and Bohemia Clara are our favorites, and definitely try the street corn on the cob with lots of lime. We will def be back, and this time, we're going ziplining!

We came back to NYC inspired to layer up some beads and wear all our swag at once. We hope you enjoy this spread and the new jewelry as much as we did making it. 

All pictured jewelry is currently available on shop.purposerosa.com

Thank you to our models Sienna and Whitney!