Our All Natural Winter Skincare Routine

Words and Images by Yarminiah


Taking care of yourself is an act of preservation, an affirmation that you matter. We take our skincare seriously because it helps us face the day with comfort and confidence. Being mindful about what you are allowing into your body, mind and spirit is a great way to encourage daily balance. Have you ever stopped to take a moment and read what’s on the label of your favorite moisturizer or face wash? I never did until one random day at Target when a random determination took over me to meticulously read and google the ingredients of my go-to face wash and when I learned that what I was applying was mildly toxic, I decided to spend an extra $10 on an Acure face wash that had all natural ingredients. My awareness of the benefits of natural skincare has always been on my radar thanks to my Caribbean family and ancestors who had no choice but to rely on natural care and healing practices. Being a Florida girl surviving New York winters for over ten years required extra steps to my skincare routine and over the years,I’ve picked up a few tips and tricks from my family to help keep my skin moisturized and healthy. All the products on this list are either naturally sourced or produced.


Gentle Cleanser

Moisture Mask


Clay Mask

Honey Mask

Moisturizing Oil

I’m a fan of mattifying moisturizers from both Acure and Sukin because they help tame my oily skin and give me a nice supple palette to work with. You can find this at Target, Marshalls or buy it online.


As I mentioned above, I happened to discover Acure while at Target on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn. I read the all natural ingredients list, took a chance and was impressed by the effectiveness of this cleanser. It also helps that it smells delicious.


This is hands-down my favorite moisturizing mask. If you are experiencing dryness or peeling skin, use this mask followed by a moisturizing serum. I find I still need to exfoliate with this mask to remove dead skin, but it does wonders for moisture retention.


This rosewater is the most fragrant deliciousness you’ll ever come across. OK, I’m obv exaggerating, but it smells like literal roses and it’s completely organic and all natural. I use it before I put any moisturizer and I also use it to set my makeup once its applied.


I use Rhassoul glay for my hair, but also for my face as a purifier about once a month. Here’s a great video explaining why it works for hair but same science can be applied for your skin.


I use this honey because I found it at Marshalls, but use any honey that is raw and ethically sourced. Just apply to your face before you take a warm shower. Leave on til you finish your shower and voila, after a few times doing this your skin will begin to feel more supple.


Sweet almond oil is great sealant for my hair, but I also use it on my face. As the second step in my morning routine, I cannot go outside with a light layer of oil on my face. It just makes my skin baby soft and minimizes peeling.


There you have it- an all natural list of products that has gotten our skin in its most supple and healthy of states. Knowing what goes on your skin is key to overall health. I plan to make a gradual switch to all natural makeup because what’s the point of using all natural skincare when you add synthetic products on top of it daily? One item you will not find on this list is sunscreen, but I plan to begin wearing sunscreen daily. What are your top recommendations for all natural, non-chalky sunscreen? Drop ‘em below! 👇🏿👇🏾👇🏽👇🏼

Also, side note, while visiting Sudan we had an auntie show us her tumeric and yogurt face mask routine and yes, it looked glorious. I’ve seen a couple youtubers rave about this and I tried it for the first time yesterday but it irritated my skin a bit. Do you have any additional natural skincare routines that have saved your skin from ashiness and drama? Let us know in the comments below.