The Luxury of Rest


So, I got sick last weekend and I'm a bit shook because it's the first time I've gotten sick for almost a year.

My family and I binge-watched What The Health and several other health documentaries one random evening in August 2017  and I've been plant based ever since. My views on the way food and wellness are related have been forever changed. As a plant based eater, the main difference I've noticed is the ability to track when, how and why my body is not feeling up to par. Since childhood, I've suffered from chronic colds, but cutting dairy from my diet has been the largest benefit to my health. I am less congested and less susceptible to sickness and fatigue. Allergies are still a problem for me, but its something I hope acupuncture will help manage.

Being sick for the first time in about a year has forced me to stay in bed, drink lots of fluids, meditate and generally be more mindful. I've been drinking fresh juices and laying off the french fries (miss em!). Honestly, getting sick has been a blessing in disguise. In these last three days,  my appreciation for the sheer luxury of rest has risen. I'm so grateful to have the time and the resources to allow my body to heal. Sleep has been the number one luxury I am indulging in. With sleep comes dreams and I've had the time to think through a few of them. 

Rest 2.jpg

Late last year I began writing down my dreams as soon as I wake up. Something about that practice opens a portal, a way to understand my world better. Emotions that are conjured up in my dreams linger with me throughout the day. If it's a negative  emotion, like today's dream, I take time to examine why it's upsetting me, a practice that's very new to me. Growing up in a Latino household, we did not have family meetings or group therapy. We fought, yelled, got over it and hugged the next day like nothing happened. This process of working through a feeling and examining why feels good and is so useful in the real world, working through any kind of relationship. 

I'm beginning to believe more and more that the dream world is inextricably linked to the "real world" and perhaps that the dream world is in fact more real than our lived day to day. If our real world is manipulated by political filters and learned social cues, then our dream world is the unfiltered natural version of ourselves.

In these last few days, I've also made it a practice to not check my phone or email until after I've finished fully committing to the day and to a key tasks I need to get completed. This helps me stay present and manage anxitey by just being still (much easier said than done) and doing the simple but repetitive work of asking myself, why are you anxious? Identifying the root fear, I can then actively decide to choose peace. It's a choice that I make multiple times a day.  

There are reminders all around me that life is too short to be pressed/stressed/nervous. For instance this message on a bottle I happened to glance down at yesterday: The only security is peace. Ain't that a word!

I've made a commitment to thoroughly enjoy each day to the best of my ability with a balance of rest, productivity and reflection. I hope you can too. 

P.s: Though I've taken several social media breaks in order to a) live and b) checkin to ensure what I am posting is serving the people who choose to follow me, I'm always building on Purposerosa in one way or another. I believe we are ALL influencers and what we share has significant impact on one another, so I only share what I believe is useful in hopes of adding value to your life.