Announcing our Postcards + Prints!

Images by Nelly Delgado writing by Yarminiah Rosa

Images by Nelly Delgado writing by Yarminiah Rosa


Sharing my photographs online is special, but making them into physical objects that can be exchanged and cherished for generations is a dream come true.

In elementary school, the only thing I wanted more than an all white pair of Sketchers platform sneakers was an international pen-pal. I didn't have the language then, but my intention was to learn about the world through the eyes of someone my age living in a completely different culture and landscape than my own. I thirsted for all the mundane details of what it meant to live in another country. But at age nine before the internet was what it is today, I didn't quite know how to find an international pen pal. So in fourth grade, I made a pen pal: Jamie. She wasn't writing to me from and about some far away, mysterious country as I'd hoped, but she fulfilled my dream of exchanging written ideas with a new friend.

Jaime sat next to me in Mr. Cooper's class. We'd write each other notes in our special shared composition notebook. In it, we'd tell secrets, draw elaborate doodles, collect stamps and dried flowers and most of all we'd write our mind. Any and every thought found it's home in our notebook. we affirmed our dreams, desires and hopes through freestyle word and drawing. Jaime didn't need to be abroad for me to connect with her and learn about her life. Writing consistently with my neighbor took me around the world and ultimately brought me closer to my understanding of self. 

Seventeen years later, I still am fulfilling my dream of having an international pen pal. This time, I'm providing postcards, the vessel which to write and prints, travel conversation starters. Our first ever line of postcards and prints originates from over 5 different countries and features original photographs I took while traveling to film for our #PurposeIs video series. The back of each postcard features a short story about each image - it’s my way of fully looping you into the moment.

When I photograph, I do my best to connect with the people and places which I am documenting. To hear  their story is my privilege, and to share it so that you may in turn communicate with your friends and loved ones is such an honor.

My absolute love for learning though travel, 35mm photography and handwritten notes makes our printed items a natural next step for telling Purposerosa travel stories.


See the full collection of postcards and prints now on our online shop. Help me send these around the world, will ya?