Hop Out A Cab

My first visit to Panama was very spontaneous, and once I landed in the capital, it got even more, in the words of Cardi B, hectic. In the course of 5 days, we managed to hop out of a moving taxi, get caught up in a carnival happening randomly inside of the mall and learn how to negotiate like a friken pro.

Panama is a very affordable country to live in and visit. We bartered a meal of fresh fish for 6 people down to a $8, for the entire meal. The metro only costs $0.34 per ride, and take it from an AfroLatina empanada connoisseur,  their $0.50 empanadas are so delicious.

Panama is a cultural melting pot full of wonderful juxtapositions; Muslim children studying alongside Hindu and Christian children, traditional women dressed in colorful beaded garments walk side by side with business casual work crowds along a busy downtown street, and no one looks twice- its normal. From the vibrant beads worn by the Kuna women, to the fresh cuisine, I was floored at how cultural extremities mixed so harmoniously in this beautiful.  Spanish era colonial architecture stands boldly amidst a rapidly growing metropolis of shiny new buildings, classic latin music remixed with a reggaeton beat (i'm so here for it).