Birthday Tings

My first ever visit to NOLA was full of warmth and comfort. I went with some friends to celebrate their birthdays. We rented a room and cooked meals, drove around, and managed to catch a live band.

The food was eye rollin' good, the people were down to earth, the music was soul driven, but most of all, the city itself was a refreshing dose of honest. Some streets were bare, others filled with brightly colored homes, peppered with hole in the wall bars and restaurants. Thankfully, we were recommended to go to Willie Mae's Scotch House. You must visit this spot and when you do, eat the fried chicken.  If you're vegetarian try the greens, cornbread and sweet potato. You'll thank us later. 

Each neighborhood had it's own distinct character.  Gorgeously bright walls juxtaposed beside empty lots spoke of the reconstruction and healing that is still happening in the city. On our way to Willie Mae's we fell in love with a soft pink house. We stopped to speak with the owner of the house, an older woman rocking quietly on her porch. Her son painted the house for her. I wish we'd stayed a bit longer in conversation. Hearing the stories of how folks are still re adjusting to the horror of Hurricane Katrina 10 years later reminds me of the common strength and resilience of the people I met in NOLA. I hope to go back soon.


I of course packed a ton of jewelry and we had fun playing dress up and slaying for no reason. Each day of the trip was a fashion extravaganza complete with fly shoes, comfy pants, and wild hair. We had tons of fun filming this short video of our trip. Bold wax print layered with our Cara Neklace, floral fabric accentuating our Fuse earrings, Grass earrings on jean jackets... I mean, the texture combos were ridiculously beautiful.

If you do visit NOLA, let us know what you love best about it and show us how you #styleyourpurpose !