Holidays, The Purposerosa Way.


We never had an official Christmas celebration, and it made us so sad as kids. Our parents are both from gorgeous islands (Roatan, Honduras and Puerto Rico) and they simply didn’t grow up with snow angels, Santa bedtime stories and pine trees filled to the brim with wrapped presents. They grew up with a house full of siblings, huge family dinners, palm trees, tamales wrapped in banana leaves and drum circles. So when it came to raising us, at best, we had a branch decorated with a candle or two in place of a Christmas tree. I remember one year, Yaminah and I gifted each other things we already owned and wrapped them in newspaper just to recreate the excitement of receiving a present. I laugh now at how desperate we were to catch the Christmas spirit.

Now that we’re older, we’ve found a way to make the holidays our very own blend of Afro Caribbean and American. We’ve made a tradition to exchange presents - it doesn’t have to be a grand present but the thought is what matters. We also discuss our intentions for the new year and reflect on how we’ve grown as a family. We try to have a family meal complete with arroz con gandules, music and of course our dad’s vegan coquito. Should we share the recipe with you? Let us know in the comments below! If you’re following us on Instagram, you’d have seen our silly family on our IG Stories last year. We had a blast cooking, dancing in our pajamas and sipping coquito y ron de caña. Family time is sacred.

We’re all about creating ways for your life to feel more intentional and purposed. This holiday season, we’re sharing our dear present wrapping tradition with you by offering a limited edition holiday special where you can choose to get your Purposerosa purchase wrapped with the name of it’s recipient hand drawn in gold paint and wrapped with a red ribbon and finished off with a rosemary sprig from our backyard. This is how we wrap our presents in the Rosa household, and we can’t wait to share it with you. I’ll personally hand wrap each item you order. It’s a personal touch we don’t take for granted, our special way of helping you be more intentional with your generosity.

Happy Holidays!