Girls Trip

Hands down, our experience in Santo Domingo was one of the best times we've ever had. A couple reasons why: we went with our best friend, Karla who is a dream to travel with, and in celebration of Yaminah's birthday, we gave ourselves full permission to TURN ALL THE WAY UP.  But mainly, what made this trip so special was the hospitality we experienced. The kindness expressed by locals combined with the delicious food and breathtakingly gorgeous views were enough to make us want to move our entire lives there, immediately. 

One of my favorite stories from that trip is of a surfer we met named Raul. We met him on the street outside of our resort and almost immediately invited us into his home. Now, I know a complete stranger offering to bring us into his home sounds hecka sketchy, but if you met him you would have understood why we felt so comfortable following him into his tiny apartment. We walked past a few rooms where he briefly showed us his surf boards and then promptly led us to the rooftop so we could enjoy his favorite view of his beautiful city. A couple of hours later we found ourselves hopping on motor bikes towards the beach to get our first ever surfing lesson from him. We took a chance and trusted our intuition and have no regrets (our necks did hurt from trying to catch a wave, but all else was sensational!)