What happens when art, medicine, philanthropy and purpose come together? Watch Purposerosa co-founder Yarminiah Rosa and Bana Barona co-founder Dr. Una Mulale reveal Barona plans to change the face children's medicine in Botswana! Purposerosa has joined forces with them by donating a percentage of all sales of our Barona necklace to their cause.

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I can't believe it has been over a year since Una and I first sat and had a heart-to-heart about our dreams.
I expressed my desire to give back through Purposerosa, beyond financial giving.
So Una said, why don't you give back through Barona? And The Barona Necklace was born.

We have spent nearly a year perfecting the design to be supremely comfortable, durable and unique.
The material research, the photo and video shoots, the countless hours spent deciding on color choice and web layout.
It all matters. This is by far the most time we have put into releasing a piece of ours, and it stems from our sincere desire to put more purpose in Purposerosa. 

With ten different gradients of skin tone represented, each integral to the beauty of the spectrum, The Barona Necklace is not only a statement piece, but a symbol of unity and giving. 

Purposerosa has never just been about jewelry; it is about the possibility of positive transformation. We wholeheartedly believe in the practice of consistently seeking beauty in the ordinary, finding value in the broken, and encouraging our community to make something from nothing. Purposerosa carries purpose in its sensibility, its attitude, its style. Barona carries purpose in its mission, its love for people, and its audacity to challenge standards. It is only fitting that our first giving initiative is with Barona, who has done significant work to secure a platform for children's voices in both the United States and Botswana. Their message of  "Our children matter." offers a glimmer of hope that our children will grow to respect each other's lives with the upmost value. 

We are thrilled to finally present The Barona Necklace, designed by Purposerosa exclusively for Barona. 
In honor of our commitment to purpose, Purposerosa will donate a percentage of all sales of The Barona Necklace to Barona, which is committed to nurturing children's lives by building Botswana's first ever children's hospital through the merging of art and medicine.


Modeled by Ladin Awad
Video shot by Tyler Gathro and Evan Rummel
Photographed by Yarminiah Rosa